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Best unlimited old facebook account hacking tool! Old Facebook Account Auto cloner/cracker Bot Software Crack old id from facebook server every hour 100-200 Active Old IDS.
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If you guys dont know about faceobook old id cloning please watch this video.

Now a days facebook cloning is very famous for get old facebook accounts, you can get ids from 2008- 2022 idsa with up to 5000 friends and full active account.

This bot is best for those people who work with facebook threshould and facebook business manager. because all the ids are old and your threshoul account never get suspend.


And my software will help you to crack those old active ids automatically , it can run all day and night fully automatically.


full features about this bot is down bellow.



Mechxer Clone Bot 2.0 

-Auto clone any country account

-Fastest bot ever.

-It can complete 1000 rounds in just 4-6 minutes.

-Can complete 20000 rounds in just one hours, can get 200-300ids in just one hour.

-Automatically save ID and password.

-Can run mannual imported numbers

-Can run with generated numbers

-All process will run on background

-No special setup need, you just need to open and start the bot. And many more features

----------Advance Features-----------+

-It will change password for every account automatically

-It will collect number of friends -it will collect creation date of account

-it will collect profile link

-it will collect all the apps list connected to Facebook such as TikTok, Free Fire, Pubg


No special setup needed. One click to start Cloning.

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