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Telegram account - tdata data, Indonesian or Russian mobile phone number +60/+90 , registered for more than 20 days
В наличии: 27 шт.


2FA (two-step verification): included in the downloaded file

Card secret format: tdata download link

Account details: Register with an Indonesian mobile phone number, including tdata data, and can only log in with the portable version of Telegram. Sign up for more than 30 days.

Login Tutorial:
1. You need to exit all running Telegram programs before logging in. You cannot log in to multiple tdata accounts at the same time.
2. The content of the secret card sent after purchasing the account is: the link to download the tdata data, and decompress it in a suitable location after downloading.
3. Download the portable version of Telegram (, copy telegram.exe and put it in the unzipped folder above, which needs to be at the same level as the tdata directory.
4. Double-click to open Telegram.exe, wait for it to open, it is an automatic login, no need to enter any information.

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Способ регистрации: Ручная
Отлежка: 20
Пол: Mix.