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Telegram Scraper, shiller, Dm message, shilling
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One of the most complex and powerful bots We’ve ever developed is the hugely popular Scraping, Adding, Sending Members Bot and Send messages in group, which can get active member lists from groups, add them to other groups, send them messages, and much more.


1. Unlimited Groups

2. Unlimited Telegram accounts login

3. Automatically Generate Account name, bio and profile pics

4. Scrape users (you can scrape upto 10K users per group).

5. Run in background 24x7

6. Unlimited messages

7. Account rotation feature

8. Anti ban mechanism

9. Proxies support

10. Send DM to Users

11. Send messages in groups

12. Scrape users and add them into another group

13. Fake profiles support, where you can add fake profiles data to create account names automatically


For demo check this video



 I am not selling source code of this bot, i am just selling copy of bot

For this


  1. i Need your Telegram bot api from bot fater
  2. Your admin Id (who managed bot)
  3. Open a dispute i will help you there

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