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Telegram TDATA - INDONESIA +62 - Resting from 14 days+
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Kindly read before making orders! These accounts are been rest for at least 14-30 days

We warmed up accounts by joining groups and channels so you might see there are plenty of them, but do not worry, these are all first hand accounts and NEVER been used to SPAM!

Telegram TDATA | Indonesia+62 | Resting from 14 days+ | Registration method - Manual | Gender - Mixed | Suitable for Portable/Desktop!

The accounts are protected by 2FA password, if you need it, kindly contact us via chat or dispute!

Download the official client from the Telegram website or follow the link:

Next, put the downloaded telegram.exe client in the downloaded and unzipped account folder and run it!


Способ регистрации: Ручная
Отлежка: 14 days+
Аватар: Да
Пол: Mix.