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All Accounts have Valid Format.


Login;Password or Login:Password

You will have 1 hour of check time.

High Quality Accounts.

Can be used for Promotional or other activities.

Accounts are Fully New.

They might be Empty or maybe partially filled. (No disputes)

Must Read:

No disputes for Password relatedissues unless you record a video showing your live purchase and checking of accounts.

If the account is suspended before purchase then we will Replace.

No replacement if accounts shows 180 days left in case account is Suspended.

We don't provide refunds and only provide Replacements.

In case, we don't have accounts to send as a replacement you will be refunded but buyer can't ask for refund and nor complain about refund to administration as the rule is already stated in product description for the buyer to read and agree by purchase.

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login, password


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