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Telegram Account . Verified by SMS. 2FA Password. Manual Registration. Proxy Mix. Username Empty. Premium Account
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2FA: Lifeisgood62

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Start of work:

1. Download the account purchased from the store to the PC (link in the txt file)
2. Download the latest version of Telegram Portable
3. Drop the Telegram.exe file into the downloaded account folder, so that the Telegram.exe file is next to the tdata folder
4. Open it Telegram.exe file

store comments:

    All trust accounts of the highest quality, manual registration, previously never used anywhere in work, sold in one hand only, each account has two factor 2FA with unique password (password in pass.txt file)

100% valid account, time to check is 1 hour after placing order. Since accounts are 100% trusted, functional, and each account is carefully checked for performance and put up for sale, in the event of a dispute, it is necessary to provide a video confirmation of the check, where you can see the time and date of the check. The account is guaranteed to only work on the desktop version of Telegram Portable. When using accounts on third party software, warranties are not given and claims are not accepted.


It is recommended not to run multiple Telegram.exe from the same ip at the same time. Ideally, use a clean proxy that is not blacklisted for work.

It is recommended to initially purchase multiple accounts to test your required tasks and only then buy in bulk.


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