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• Registered country Turkey.

• Authenticated with Hotmail.

• Turkish and English mixed name.

Account format:

• ID;Pass;Mail;Mail Pass

• Mail is included (may require confirmation by SMS).

*Please renew your IP address while logging into your account. Otherwise, Twitter may ask you for additional verifications due to your questionable login attempts.

Best and high quality accounts available..

The accounts are registered from Turkey country IPs.

Twitter Account: -

Checking Time Only One Hour.. Account Not Working Then Send Me link of screenshot in dispute. Then i give you replacement or refund.

Mail's Vrified Accounts

Account Open in Fresh Ip address..

Working guarantee

15-20 Day's Old Accounts 

Granted accounts available..

100% working accounts..

Best Quality Provide By DK Store.


Способ регистрации: Ручная
Заполненность профиля: Пустой
раскрученный: Да
Подписчики: Real account