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Common features of Twitter Accounts
Account Display Settings Language: English
Account Display(User page)*: Random
Followers: 10K+
Phone: Verified
Mail: Verified
Tweets**: 0-1000
Account Date***: 2010-2021
Purpose of usage****: Personal/Business

Since we work with a large stock, some accounts may or may not have a profile photo, biography or header photo in order to provide a natural look to the accounts we have. The accounts to be delivered at the time of purchase are randomly distributed. 

In our efforts to make the account look natural, some accounts may have high/low followers, and some accounts may or may not have tweeted. 

Please create a ticket for cookie details.


Please check if the accounts are suitable for you before making a bulk purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Will my accounts get locked?

Accounts are repeatedly checked by our software before they are offered for sale, all transactions to be made after logging in to the accounts are your responsibility. Please read the information below about our account compensation system in detail. 

Can I unlock my locked accounts?

It is not possible to unlock accounts that are permanently suspended.

If the accounts you have purchased verified only by email and it ask for a phone verification, you can unlock your account by adding a phone number to it.

Will my follower count decrease?

Because they are real followers, an annoying post may cause a decrease/increase in your followers. 

Are the accounts bots?

All the accounts we sell are MANUAL registered.

Are the followers of the accounts also bots?

All of the followers of the accounts are real followers.

Why should I buy accounts with followers?

These accounts have interactions. This increases the chances of the tweets that posted by that account to be on trends. Also interactions that made by that accounts are more effective.

Can I access the email addresses of the accounts?

Of course, you can login via our webmail page whatever mail you need to login. Our mail service is works for only receive mail from Twitter. Please do not use it for your personal business, otherwise your e-mail address may be blocked. 

    Refund Policy

Refunds are not possible for any purchased products. After a payment has been completed, there is no way to reverse it. 

You agree that once you complete a payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason.

Misplaced orders will not qualify for a refund. Be sure to confirm each and every order before placing it.


  Compensation Conditions

Whatever product you want to compensate, compensation will be provided with different accounts belonging to the same product.

Also product changing is not possible. If there is no stock for that product or if the current stock is less than the number of the product you want to compensate, compensation cannot be made.

Compensation is only available for products for purchased within last "24 hours" and each product in your order can only be compensated once.

Compensation will be provided only for accounts that meet the following conditions;

  • If account is locked without any interactions
  • If account is suspended without any interactions
  • If the account has only made one interaction and is locked
  • If the account has only made one interaction and is suspended

Compensation is not possible for the accounts in the following situation;

  • If account appears active
  • If account shared sexual content
  • If account is suspended or locked after multiple interactions
  • If the username of account has been changed
  • If you get a 'Change Password' warning when logging into your account

Additional Notes: The accounts you purchase are personal to you and their information is only forwarded to you. It is entirely your responsibility to change the information and details of the accounts. 


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