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⚡️0LD DISCORD / 2021 - 2022 / SMS + MAIL + TOKEN⚡️
В наличии: 567 шт


• Confirmed by SMS+MAIL.
• When checking your account, use a proxy and an anti-detection browser
• Can request a letter to the mail that comes with the package, very rarely it may not work, but the token will work in this case, but almost always the mail works.
• Confirmed by Rambler mail and linked phone number.
• Registered in 2021-2022.
• IMPORTANT: First go to the mail, only then to the discord itself. Otherwise, the letter may not reach you.

Формат файла

login, password, mail, mailpass, token


Способ регистрации: Ручная
Год регистрации: 2022
Почта в комплекте: Да
Подтверждение по SMS: Да
Наличие AUTH_TOKEN: Да