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Facebook unlimited cloning bot| it can crack 1000-2000 Old facebook account in one day in one RDP/PC | its totally automatic. it will run all day night repeatedly!

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Full auto fb cloning bot.


Facebook auto cloning bot| it can crack 1000-2000 id per day | it can run on any RDP Run on any rdp and go sleep it will collect data automatically! All the collected account will save on server so you can get access them from your computer you won't need to login on rdp. its a full auto bot



-Can clone any country fb account.
-Phone number option: Number range. Ex(01711000000-01899999999) in this example number range bot will search number between this range.

#Password options:
-Last 6 digit of number
-Last 8 digit of number
-Last 10 digit of number
-First 6 digit of number
-First 8 digit of number
-First 10 digit of number
-Custom password

-Can set any number of tabs
-Can set any number of search rounds
-Can set how many time want to repeat the bot with the same settings.
-There is status bar which will display all the task and current task during running the bot

#What will collect from fb account:
-Login number: login password
-All phone numbers available in the account
-Fb account creation date
-Date of Birth
-Fb account total friends number
-Fb account profile direct link
-Fb account country.

#All these data will be save on excel file and server automatically in background process.

##There will be a database software which will give you opportunities to show all data information with sort, and you can collect your data from server anytime or you can save data locally to excel file.

-There will be two excel file
-One will store all the collected fb account details
-Second will store all the collected fb account according to years in different sheet name as the year.

***All of these above task is full auto pilot, user only needs set the commands.


Check the screenshots:


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