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ChatGPT Plus gpts gpt4 plus 年会员 1 年售后 1 year membership, 1 year insurance
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chatgpt plus  1 year membership,it is  a chatgpt plus account for 1 year($20/month),official account

if account deactived in 1 year, i will refund 60 rub for the days you didnt use. or replace new account i also can top up your account, but i can only make sure my top up is legal, if your account deactived and openai fully refund, i will refund 20000rub.if openai official no refund, i will no refund too. so i suggest use my account.

After place the order pls open the dispute and ask me send you the account .i am online at Beijing time 8:00-23:00.

chatgpt plus 1年,gpt4。 如果使用我的账号封号,我会按照未使用的一天60卢布退款给你,如果是充值到你的账户中我只保证正规充值,如果openai官方全额退款,我会退款20000卢布。如果官方不退款,那我有不会有任何补偿,所以推荐使用我的账号。



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