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Services Telegram Registration method - Auto Country - Europe Account format - Session + json
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Best quality on the market!
Account format: Session.+json
All products are checked before loading! 

Telegram accounts will suit any of your goals!
Duration: 3+ days 
Gender: MIX
Geo: Israel
Connected: 2fa

For buyers:
 -Link Password : milmoi2024

By making a purchase, you agree to this list of rules.
Replacement applications will not be accepted if:
1. More than 20 minutes have passed since purchase.
2. The accounts were used in work that could result in a spam block or ban (spam, inviting, etc.).
3. You launched accounts through the following proxies: tor, astro, dc, asocs

We strongly recommend that you make your first purchase for a small amount to ensure that the accounts are suitable for you.

Формат файла



Способ регистрации: Авто
Страна: Европа
Формат аккаунта: Session + json