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SMS verified Twitter Accounts 2022
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- Verified by SMS
- Latin Names


username : password : phone number : account token

Recommendations for working with Twitter accounts:

Checking for VALID:
After purchasing the product, you need to check it in the browser (or checker) through the login, for example, if you see the account, then it is valid - you can proceed to authorization.
If you see the inscriptions "Account suspended" or "Caution: This account is temporarily restricted", then this means that the account is in the block and it must be replaced!

Recommendations for authorization:
 - When authorizing, you need to use a proxy. Use pure residential or Mobile proxies - (Ukraine, Poland, etc. will do !Russia will not work!)
 - It is not recommended to use VPN, shared proxies, DataCenter proxy, ALL Russian IP, home IP. In these cases, you run the risk of getting blocked at the entrance, for example, password reset, SMS verification or a code request from the mail. 
 - Each account must have a personal Device(UserAgent) and proxy!

1. In the login field, you enter Login
2. In the password field - password
3. Then it always or almost always asks to enter  phone (there is a set). This is Standard Twitter security - just enter your email/phone number.
4. If the proxy factor is observed, the authorization percentage is above 97! 

The store gives a 24-hour guarantee on the performance of accounts - if you did not have time to work with accounts!
If you have a problem, you can open a dispute (the fastest way to contact).

Sample appeal:
1. How were the accounts checked?
2. What proxy/device was used when working with accounts?
3. Describe the problem in detail




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