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Стим 2020 | Профиль настроен | Россия | Аккаунты имеют более 55 часов бесплатной игры в Dota 2 и Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Регистрация на почту (в комплекте) | 100% действительный.
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Doplario Store

Hello everyone and welcome to Doplario Store...


Description :

✅Steam accounts are registered automatically.
✅Confirmed by email, email is included in the package.
✅ Accounts registered on different IPs.
✅Steam accounts registered in 2020.
✅The profile is set up and there is an avatar.
✅Accounts have over 55 hours of free play in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Account format:

login:password:email:password from email

Purchase recommendations.
- First buy a small number of accounts (up to 10) and test them


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