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Diamond Quality - Email Verified - 200+ Followers - Verified by Email - Avatar and background may be Added - Twitter Top Quality Accounts
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Top Quality Fully Verified Twitter Accounts :

- Verified  Email.

- Checked Right Before Listing On The Store .

- Number of Followers 200+ Follower .

You have 1 hour to check the account after purchasing it .

To check the account you have to do the following :

go to : username)

If you can find the account then It's valid - we are not responsible for returning the accounts after you login.

Dear buyer : our store is not responsible for any harmful or illegal use of the account after you purchase it.
Dear buyer :  we don't claim that we own the accounts we are selling as by twitter terms of service you don't have the ownership of any twitter account even your personal one , and all accounts ownership belongs to the mother company " Twitter ". 

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