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Top Quality Instagram Accounts -2FA- 400 to 700+ Followers - Aged Between 1-120 Days - Avatar and Posts may be added .
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By Purchasing This You Will Receive The Following :

- Top Quality Instagram Account

- Accounts are created Automatically !

- Accounts age is between 1-120 Days

- Account has 400+ Followers

- Avatar may be added

- Posts may be added

- 2fa is enabled , the accounts format is : login:password:2fa .
to get the 2fa code , please copy the 2fa string from the account's downloaded data and go to authenticator app and paste it  , then copy the 6 digits code given by the authenticator app and place it in the instagram 2fa window . that's it !

Accounts are 100% working.

You have 1 hour to check the account for validity , IF it's not valid then we will replace it for you in not more than 12 hours .

our store is not responsible for any illegal or prohibited use of the account after purchase.
We are selling access to the accounts , By Purchasing this you are not buying or having the ownership of the account , as accounts ownerships belongs to instagram Company .


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