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TWITTER 2FA +Auth_token Verified by Outlook / Hotmail.
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- Confirmed by Outlook/Hotmail. Mail may not work.

- Registration with MIX proxy.

- 2FA can make 100% Sign In

- Auth_token can make 100% Sign In

- Format: login:password:mail:password:auth_token:secret_key_link

How to log in to a Twitter account using auth_token and the Chrome extension EditThisCookie:

Download and install the EditThisCookie extension:

Attention! If you use AUTH_TOKEN, you will not be able to change your password or other account data!

How do I log into my account using 2FA?

After purchase you need to go to the site

Copy the received secret code and paste it into the corresponding field

Paste the received six-digit code when logging into your account


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