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на hStock c   2020

О нас

We have been providing Social Media services for the past four years, Our store on platform is three Years Old now. 

We have been providing following accounts for the past few years:

Instagram Accounts Accounts Accounts Accounts Accounts


Our accounts quality is very good & we are very cooperative in case our buyers face any problem.

We encourage you to reach us, in case you face any problem. 

You can contact us via  Hstock dispute function to get our contact details.

Best Regards,


Правила магазина

These rules are here in case any customer tries to  do fraud and change data and other things to make a dispute or make false accusations.
Remember we have been operating this store since 2020 and we won’t ever use these rules to cheat with legit customers and will only use these rules against those who try to use deceit and make false accusations.
1- If the account isn't working make a dispute within allotted time for each product.
2- The accounts are considered used from the moment they are logged in but the warranty period starts from the time of purchase.
3- The dispute will be invalid if you have used the account which can result in ban or spam block.
4- Only use residential or mobile proxies for the accounts.
5- Do not use any public/free proxy or any of these proxies Tor, MTProto, Hydra, astro, data center.
6- First buy small quantity to check whether they are suitable for you.
7- When opening a dispute, provide a video in which the entire process of checking the goods from the moment of purchase to logging in to the account is visible.
8- You can still open the dispute if the accounts are suspended but we will carefully check and consider whether to replace or not depending on the date of suspension of account.
9- In case, the dispute is regarding incorrect password, video recording is required without any protest.
10- Use of abusive language is not allowed and we can deny any cooperation in this case.
12- Don’t post any negative reviews if you haven’t made any dispute before.
13- We can fully utilise these rules over the rules written in product if in case a clash occurs between rules.
If you violate any of these rules, your dispute will be denied without any compensation.
By purchasing any good from our store you agree to these rules whether you have read it or not.