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Welcome to X-Accs.

  Here you can always buy Twitter X accounts - both fresh autoregs and very old and dormant accounts are available.
   In addition, promoted Twitter accounts with subscribers are available.
  All goods are directly from the manufacturer.
  Best price, decent quality, guarantee of prompt support after purchasing the product
  Accounts are suitable for any purpose, any project and any problem.
  Guaranteed replacement or refund in case of malfunction and guaranteed
  Individual conditions for wholesale buyers.

Правила магазина

1. The default check time is 80 minutes.

2. Use special IPs when working with accounts to prevent blocking of your accounts - residential IP, mobile IP, IPV 4 (when working with IPV 4, strictly 1 account = 1 IP).

3.  Do not use VPN, your own IP, IP addresses of friends, relatives.

4.  The validity of accounts is checked by login - if the account is not found by login (this is a replacement). If the account gets blocked after logging in or after performing some actions (there is no replacement).