О магазине

на hStock c   2023

О нас

 Account manager is:

- Large selection of social network accounts and email services!

- Best value for money!

- Operational customer support 24/7!

Правила магазина

1. The proxy country must match the account country.
2. Use high-quality private (mobile) rotating proxies.
3. When using static proxies, check them for SCAM.
4. Do not launch all accounts at once. (Online check 5-10 items at a time)
5. Test 1-3 accounts before mass work.
6. Work no more than 5 threads at the same time.

We remind you that the time for checking accounts is 1 hour after purchase.
(when opening a dispute, video recording of the screen with time/date in these 60 minutes)
The download link is valid for a month.
The guarantee is given only when using the official application
Telegram desktop portable latest version.
Be sure to download the latest version before using!