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на hStock c   2024

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4 years of experience in sellingaccounts, specifically software or handmade accounts. This suggests that you have expertise in the market for digital accounts, whether they are generated through software tools or created manually by individuals.


Правила магазина

  1. Account Verification: All accounts are verified, either through an automated registration process (autoreg) or manually (manuel mix).

  2. Warranty Period: The warranty on the product is valid for 1 hour from the date of purchase. This means that any issues or problems with the product should be reported within this timeframe to be eligible for warranty support.

  3. Refund Policy: Refunds are only provided for specific reasons, such as bans, suspensions, or invalid accounts. Most issues will be addressed through replacements rather than refunds. This implies that if there are problems with the account or if it becomes unusable due to reasons beyond the customer's control, they may be eligible for a replacement or refund