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на hStock c   2023

О нас

Store for farming accounts, the team makes by hand without using software for the best quality on the market. We are a new team that tries to give emphasis on the quality of accounts to improve the relationship between the customer to make them come back next time. Experience in the market for 2 years, enough to start pleasing you!
Our advantages:
- fresh accounts
- quality (you can check for yourself)
- do not resell, all accounts are made by our team
- in case of disputes quickly understand your problem
- Since we are a new team, we try to make our goods differ in quality from the rest.

Правила магазина

❗️Правила магазина❗️
We are interested in loyal customers and a good reputation, so in case you have any problems, we will be on your side and try to keep you satisfied!

1.1 Replacement is only done if the account has not been modified by the buyer
1.2 Accounts are checked immediately after purchase. The time for checking and requesting a replacement is 24 hours after purchase. If there are any problems, please inform the manager immediately.
1.3 In order to receive a replacement, you must provide: 
- Reason for replacement 
- Screenshot  
1.4 The manager has every right to refuse a replacement if the buyer: 
- Has made a request for replacement after 6 hours after the purchase of an accanute
- Did not adhere to paragraph 1.3

-Purchase the amount you can use in the near future.