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О магазине

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О нас

  • Anik-Eshop Digital Goods is selling digital goods since 2019 & we have earned a lot of customer's trust & satisfaction.  
  • Anik-Eshop Digital Goods is specialized in an aged Facebook account, verified Facebook account, business manager account, & we sell all kinds of Facebook marketing needs like a credit card, bank account, Facebook ads credit & many more.    
  • Our account is the best quality account because we collect accounts from real users then we farming the account very carefully so the chances of ban/restriction/disable are 80% lower than others. our all accounts are 2fa active so you can smoothly log-in to the account from any country or IP.   
  • Our account format is mostly UID, PASSWORD, DOB, 2FA-KEY, EMAIL, EMAIL PASSWORD, NOTE  

Правила магазина

1. The purchased product is subject to return only if it is invalid (if the account id/password is wrong).

2. Check the product immediately after purchasing it. When a problem occurs - invalid, checkpoint, report immediately. The time to check the goods after purchase is 1 hour. After the specified period, the responsibility for the purchased goods lies with you, and the goods cannot be replaced or returned.

3. Refunds/replacements will not be made after logging into your account, or if the purchase account is advertising restriction/disabled due to unusual activities or multiple device logins  

4. Technical support response time and solution of all problems / claims up to 48 hours, contact us through Whatsapp or Facebook page immediately. 

5. When purchasing any product, you agree that you are fully familiar with these rules.

6. Log in to 2 or more accounts without a proxy and from one device. It is also forbidden to log into accounts from multiple devices & multiple locations (use google chrome incognito tab).

You can use accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers are not different devices)

7. Use your static IP / ipv4 proxies / mobile proxies.

Upon agreement with the rules (at the time of purchase), the client confirms that:

1. The client has read the detailed description for the accounts.

2. The client has read all the terms and conditions of the store and agrees with them.

3. After the purchase of the product, all responsibility passes to the customer.