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When authorizing 2 or more accounts, use different devices and proxies. You can use accounts without a proxy and from the same device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case we have the right to refuse a replacement / refund. Using more than two accounts from the same ip-address/device significantly increases the likelihood of blocking any accounts.
If you checked the purchased accounts with a public checker and/or public proxies, the accounts cannot be replaced.
When using a VPN (General or Paid) - the replacement of the acc will not be made.

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Why our store is better than others:

1) Support on all issues 24/7

2) High-quality accounts and software for working with messengers

3) All accounts are checked before sale

4) All accounts are sold immediately with tracking

5) The sale of accounts takes place exclusively in one hand

All successful purchases, always in touch, if anything, please contact