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Hello welcome to our store

We are here to provide you with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and many different social media categories. I wish you pleasant shopping.

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Purchased items are non-refundable, except in cases of invalidity, meaning the account has been deleted or the password has been changed previously.

Make small-scale purchases first. If you are satisfied, you can make high purchases

Please verify the product immediately after purchase. In case of any issues, such as invalid accounts, please report them immediately with video or photo evidence. The time frame for checking the product after purchase is 1 hour. After this period, the responsibility for the purchased item lies with you, and no replacement or refund will be provided. Purchase only the quantity of goods that you can verify within the allotted time.

Returns/replacements are not accepted after logging into the account or if other purchase requirements listed below have been violated. Experience shows that if you have logged into the account, the issue is most likely on your end (proxy, software, VPN, etc.).