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Мы предлагаем надёжные аккаунты telegram разных стран, таких как Алжир , Филиппины, Англия, Бразилия, Россия, Канада и т.д. Аккаунты имеют отлёжку, продаются только в одни руки и проверяются перед загрузкой в магазин. Формат аккаунтов Session+json.

Постоянным клиентам предусмотрены скидки!

We offer reliable telegram accounts from different countries, such as Algeria, Philippines, England, Brazil, Russia, Canada, etc. Accounts have a deposit, are sold only in one hand and are checked before uploading to the store. Account format Session+json.

Discounts are provided for regular customers!



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Dear user, please check your purchase within 1 hour.

If the account is not valid or there are any discrepancies, please keep a record of the screen during the purchase and account verification. This will enable you to provide evidence of non-functionality or discrepancies in case of a dispute.

Try one account before purchasing in bulk. We will refund the cost of the first test account when you make a further purchase of the same GEO from 50 pieces, and for each GEO! Use only high-quality private proxies for each account separately. 1 account - 1 IP address (According to GEO. Do not use 1 proxy for 30 accounts, there is a possibility that the whole set of accounts will be banned due to one proxy. Do not exceed the limits with accounts! Do not use cheap proxies).