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О нас

For several years we have been professionally registering accounts, and now we will also be open here.

We do not resell accounts!

All accounts are registered by us directly.

Most of all, our store focuses on the Google social network! 

The store offers a unique assortment of Google accounts:

VHQ gmail accounts 
accounts with different dates. There are both from 2012 and a month or two...
There are also empty accounts without information.
There is a fresh one.
And also sell other types of accounts! Such as:


I try to help each client personally and solve their problem 100%.

Правила магазина

By purchasing accounts in our store, you agree that:

1. Purchased accounts are subject to return only in case of invalidity. An account is considered invalid if it is not loging in.

2. The time for checking accounts for validity is given during purchase mostly 24 hour. After the specified period, the responsibility for the purchased goods lies with you and the goods cannot be replaced or returned!

3. Refunds/replacements are not made after logging into your account, or if you logged into your account and something happened to it, the problem is most likely on your side (proxy, software, VPN, etc.).