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Our goal is configure the business communication mathed so that our clients may connect with their clients in more effective manner we also ensure our customers to maximize their business profits with our creative matheds and state of art of technology 

Правила магазина

Report non-functional accounts by the product's deadline.




2. Although the warranty commences at the time of purchase, accounts are deemed used upon login.




3. Using accounts that result in spam blocks or bans renders disputes void.




4. Start with a tiny amount and test.




5. A video demonstrating the whole verification process—from purchase to login—is required for disputes.




6. We'll consider replacements depending on the suspension date, even for suspended accounts.




7. Without objecting, send in a video if you're having login problems.




8. Don't publish unfavourable reviews without first raising issues.




9. If there is a dispute, our rules take precedence over those unique to a product.








Note: Disputes are voidable without payment if these guidelines are broken. Buying something indicates consent, whether it is read or not.




check time 1-3 Hours