О магазине

на hStock c   2024

О нас

Quality guarantees

Constant checking of accounts , which practically eliminates invalids.

Account tracking before sale.

Instant purchase of goods online.

Convenient purchase through familiar payment services.

Friendly support.

Time for verification is 24 hours.

Sale from 1 piece for the opportunity to test accounts for your goals and trust in the store :-).

Refund/replacement in case of invalidity.

All sales are strictly in one hand!

Правила магазина

(1) Required condition: All accounts must be used only with clean ipv4 proxies that are not in spam databases.


(2) Checking the product within 24 hours (after this time, complaints are not accepted!) Try to buy the product after use, and not “buy for later”.


(3) First, buy 1-2 accounts for a test and check on your ip, for your own purposes. Don't rush to take too much at once! Otherwise, replacement or moneyback will not be made.


(4) We only guarantee the performance of the product at the time of purchase! Once the buyer has logged into the account, all responsibility for the future life of the account rests entirely with him.


(5) Ignorance of the rules does not relieve one from responsibility.

(6) If accounts are not working please provide us a video of logging in.