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О нас

Here you can purchase high-quality and inexpensive accounts Google with App Pass and Facebook with Business Manager for advertising at an affordable price.

We promptly replace defective goods without any questions asked. To replace, please send non-working accounts to support.


Здесь вы можете приобрести качественные и недорогие аккаунты Google и Facebook с Бизнес Менеджером для рекламы и арбитража по приемлемой цене. 

Оперативно заменяем бракованый товар без лишних вопросов. Для замены пришлите в поддержку магазина нерабочие аккунты.

Правила магазина

  • Before purchasing wholesale, purchase 2-3 accounts first and test for your purposes.
  • Use high-quality proxies.
  • Check the goods immediately upon receipt. Time to check the goods: 24 hours.
  • We guarantee the performance of the product only at the time of sale. After logging into your account, all responsibility for further actions lies with you.