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Welcome to our SMM King, where excellence meets efficiency! We pride ourselves on offering top-quality social media marketing services with lightning-fast delivery times, all at competitive prices.At our store, we understand the importance of providing services that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality across all our offerings, whether it's boosting your social media presence, increasing engagement, or enhancing your brand visibility.What sets us apart is our commitment to prompt delivery. 

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For every order there is different time frame depends on volume and platform.

For Tiktok - Views, Likes, Shares up to 1 hour . Folowers up to 24h depends on volume because if there is alot at once may result in tiktok acc shadow ban.

For Youtube -  Subscribers: 1 - 5h , Views: 30min - 2h , Watch time: 2-5 days, Likes and Shares: 5 - 30 min, Comments: 1-3h

For Instagram - Folowers: 1-24h, Likes: 30min-5h, Comments: 1-5h, Short Views: 30min-2h.

For Spotfy - Folowers: 30 - 10h, Plays: 1-10 days, Monthly  Listeners: 24h, Playlists: 24h.