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на hStock c   2023

О нас

We are a team of professionals specialized in providing Cloud Activation with Free Credits on most Major Platforms, at very low cost.
Some examples of what you will get on-demand, activated for you after payment:

- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- Microsoft Azure,
- Google Cloud Platform,
- Alibaba Cloud,
- Tencent Cloud,
- Hetzner Servers,
- Ovh Cloud,
- Vultr Cloud
- Digital Ocean,
- Atlantic .net Clould Platform,
- Kamatera,
- Oracle Cloud,
- Ibm Cloud,
- Akamai Linode,
- Huawei Cloud,

Правила магазина

General rules for the purchase of cloud accounts with credits

- only the seller can decide to refund. 
- No replacements after completed (confirmed) order.
- You get usr,mail:pwd, login method, proxy to be used. 
- usage instructions are mandatory, if they are ignored, no assistance is due.
- We provide screenshot showing the account works at delivery time.
- If you have login issues you must provide screenshot proof.
- wait the indicated time to perform any action on account
- you change mail or launch a vps = sale is completed
- seller is not responsible for events after the sale.
- Delivery will be within 96 hours since the order is paid (usually in 24h).