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на hStock c   2020

О нас

We have been working for 6 months as a reseller and our accounts are of good quality.

W do provide replacements if there is any problem with accounts.

We are selling low quantity of instagram accounts so buy as soon as possible. 

We are currently selling instagram accounts only.

We don't accept large orders but you can contact us on whatsapp for personal customized orders.

Правила магазина

When clicking on Buy button you agree to following:

1-If the account isn't working make a dispute within 24 hours.

2-If there's mentioned any amount of followers, then there will be followers in the accounts but as the accounts are manually created by human and the followers are real people they can unsubscribe at any time.

3-Only create a dispute if any account isn't working and we will replace the account.

4-The account in which the followers are mentioned exactly the same will have same amount or high then the told amount.

5-Gmails accounts are all working if require sms confirmation create a dispute within 6 hours.

6-To make a dispute regarding password issue you must make a live purchase and check the account.