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на hStock c   2023

О нас

Before being sold, all accounts are thoroughly checked and sent to the customer in a functional (unblocked) condition. If for any reason, the account is received in a blocked state, the customer has the option to request a replacement according to the terms and regulations outlined in the "Goods Purchase Guidelines". Upon initial login, the customer may be required to provide additional information related to the accounts.

Правила магазина

It is recommended to log into each new account from a fresh IP address and browser, otherwise login may not be successful. Using a different country's IP address to access the account carries the risk of being asked for an SMS verification or even having the account blocked, with no claims accepted. It is strictly prohibited to use these accounts for illegal purposes. Upon purchase, the buyer assumes full responsibility for the account(s). I do not support or approve of using these accounts for illegal activities, such as spamming or committing fraud. Any responsibility for these actions lies solely with the buyer.