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О нас

1. Obligations of the store

1.1. The store guarantees that the account will work

1.2. If the account stops working the user can contact the store to replace the account or get a refund.

2. Client's obligations

2.1. The client undertakes to verify the purchased account within 60 minutes from the date of purchase.

2.2. If the client discovers deficiencies in the account during this period, he can contact the store for a replacement account or a refund.

2.3. If the client does not find any deficiencies in the account within 60 minutes, then he confirms that the account is working correctly and fully meets his requirements.

2.4 Applications for the return of already purchased and used accounts are not accepted.

Правила магазина

Real quality, good price, many optrions to choose, friendly technical support  - all of this in this shop