О магазине

на hStock c   2021

О нас


  • Accounts are registered on different Andoid devices and are being signed up manually. 
  • The accounts are registered from USA IP.
  •  Additional email is included (without a password). 
  • The full name of the account in English. 
  • Gender: male or female 
  • No phone in security profile 
  • Gmail age: > 5 days 
  • Less Secure Apps is activated.

Format of accounts: 

  • login:password:additional email login

Правила магазина

  1. All my Gmails are in good working order and have never been used for any service.
  2. I will replace the Gmail if it encounters errors (SMS verification required, disabled) for the first login in 2 days.
  3. I never change the password of Gmail sold.


  • Use clean IP source, do not log in multiple accounts on the same IP address.
  • Do not log in to multiple accounts on 1 device.
  • Please buy a small quantity first to see if it meets your requirements.