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2 years experience in Online Accounts marketing All accounts active via number or email full Verified New or Old With followers available store owner is too friendly if account make Problem its change or refund but if costumer make any problems so don't responsibility of store 









Правила магазина


1. Exchange or Return possible if accounts make Problem otherwise Not,

2. The purchased product is subject to return only if it is invalid (if the account is blocked or deleted). That don't acceptable

3. Check the product immediately after buying it. If a problem occurs - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, reports immediately. Time to check the goods after purchase - 12 hours. After the specified period, the responsibility for the purchased goods lies with you and the goods cannot be replaced or returned.

4. Sale of accounts in one hand.

The store does not and will never resell accounts.

5. Orders are stored in the store for no more than 1 month.

We will not be able to restore your orders if you have lost/deleted them.


2. In case of long-term use of the purchased accounts, the client is obliged to change their passwords and independently take care of their security.

This applies to those cases when, after a year, for some reason, someone steals your account. Thus, you will be sure that the problem is not on the side of the store.


3. Purchased valid goods cannot be returned/replaced.


This applies to those cases when you were inattentive when choosing a product and, having bought it, want to make a return or exchange.


4. The store and its employees are not engaged in training and consultations.

We do not work with accounts, so we cannot fully advise you.


By agreeing to the rules (at the time of purchase), the client confirms that:

 The client has read the detailed description of the accounts.


 The client has read all the terms and conditions of the store and agrees to them.


 After the purchase of the goods, all responsibility passes to the customer.


 If any point of the rules is violated, the client has no claims against the store and its employees.