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Telegram account

We only offer high-quality first-hand accounts!

The account is sold by one hand. Check before uploading to the store
Validity of all accounts

All accounts with full names, two-factor authentication (whatever they steal), including passwords, which you can change to your own at any time.

Правила магазина

Get an account within a few months of purchase, via link! You need to use the latest version of Telegram.exe portable, which you need to download from the official Telegram website
 Be sure to record the first launch of your account - ON VIDEO! There is no alternative!

Use high-quality new proxies and don't use the same proxies too often.

1. The video must show the current time 
2. The video must be uninterrupted 
3. The video must show the current date of your current version of the software
4. The video must show that the work was performed by a proxy server in the same country where you purchased your account.
5. A checking account should be done without converting to another file format.